The First Step Business Accelerator Program is designed to help small business owners transition to mobile-first businesses that can thrive in today’s business climate and be set up for success in the long-term.

Broken down into three steps, the program is designed to assist businesses in continuing to grow based on what they need and where they are in their business.  Each step consists of a 5-week program, combining structured lessons and roundtables to build confidence within the digital landscape.  Participants are assisted with developing their brand, refining their online presence, advertising, and tools to continue to grow online.

Once approved, participants have full access to our program for the lifetime of the program (minimum of 1 year from their commencement) and will have access to professionals to assist them where and when needed.  Participants are also encouraged to join our bi-monthly roundtables with professionals and community leaders to continue to be inspired, engage and to grow.

For participants to skip any step, they must be able to show a professional presence in the step they are asking to skip.

All participants have full access to program material and once they have completed their program are welcome to join any class to reinforce their skills.

The First Step – Step 1

Participants beginning with step one will receive a professional responsive website.  Upon completion of their intake application, each participant will fill out an ‘onboarding’ document to provide us with the information we need to design and create their website.

We will use their initial written copy as the base of the site, during the program and after completion of the branding exercises, new and improved/refined copy will replace the initial copy.

Professional website and email will be provided, domains will be provided for those that do not have one.

Lesson 1              Branding

Lesson 2             How to tell your story.

Lesson 3             Website management basics

Lesson 4            Website management basics 2

Roundtable:  Showcase your business!

The First Step – Step 2

Social media is a critical component to success.  Regardless of what market you are in, mastering Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – it is a critical part of success.

Step 2 is all about getting social.  We assist our small businesses to define their social footprint and create campaigns for them that will assist in their growth.


Social Media Ad Campaigns are included in this step.  We recommend a small initial budget to ensure you maximize this step.

Lesson 1              Defining your market.

Lesson 2             Tools of the trade.

Lesson 3             Compelling ad creation.

Lesson 4            The good and the bad of reviews

Roundtable:  Evaluate your fellow participants.

The First Step – Step 3

The idea that you will ‘build it and they will come’ is one of the biggest detriments to small business.   To succeed, people must be able to find you!

This step is all about taking your business to the next level.  You will learn the basics of SEO and how to improve and grow your rankings as well as the keys to connecting the dots through Google your business and other directories.

Lesson 1              What is SEO and how does it work?

Lesson 2             Preparing your website.

Lesson 3             Google your Business and Directories

Lesson 4            Introduction to advanced SEO

Roundtable:  Collaboration in the community

The First Step Business Accelerator is open to all small businesses within our growing footprint.  We champion diversity and celebrate our Canadian history and heritage.  We run an inclusive program and encourage compassion and understanding for all and understand that there is much we can do better.  As business owners in our community, we have the power to fuel change and improve relationships in small and large communities across our program.

We are proud to present our Canadians First Speaker series that will address areas that affect you as business owners and open communication for understanding and compassion in business.  The series will focus on what is important to all of us, as Canadians and provide insight and solutions to you as business owners.

Our speaker’s series along with our bi-monthly workshops will allow you to connect with others and remain engaged in building your business within your communities.

If you are interested in bringing The First Step Business Accelerator to your community, please contact us here.


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