The First Step Program is financially supported by our program sponsor, Rio Tinto and we are incredibly grateful!  We also have digital sponsors who have been generous to offer discount products and services.

Together, we can make a difference, and we are!

Thank you to all the sponsors who are making this possible, we truly could not do it without you!

Program Sponsors


Content snare makes client management simple.  It allows us here at The First Step to create a workflow for our participants so we (and they) can track their progress and makes the communication/workflow cycle easier for everyone involved!

We are proud to announce we’ll be using the platform and excited about streamlining the communication so we can serve as many small businesses as possible!

About Content Snare:

Ditch endless email trails, massive attachments and messy Google docs. Gather content and files in one place with automated client reminders.

Increase profitability

Messing around with email trails and attachments is a massive waste of time. Then there’s the time spent editing poorly formatted content.

Slashing this overhead increases profitability.

Keep projects moving

Without content and files, projects grind to a halt. This means payments get delayed, and you end up with a load of stalled projects.

Remove these bottlenecks to get paid on time.

Make clients happy

Requesting content via documents and email gets messy and is hard for clients to understand.

Using a central content platform provides a premium, professional experience, and makes it simple for your clients.


If you are interested in bringing The First Step Business Accelerator to your community, please contact us here.


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