Welcome to The First Step business accelerator program.

This program was developed at the request of The Village of Burns Lake and Rio Tinto Alcan Canada.

Their want?  A Business Accelerator Program designed to assist small business to transition to the digital world.

I am thrilled that they believed in our vision to help small Canadian business grow during such an unprecedented time.   As a Canadian small business, Fresh Pixel has certainly seen our share of small business challenges and we hope that our experience and knowledge can now benefit others and showcase that you can do this, you can succeed.

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The Village of Burns Lake Small Business Accelerator Program

The Village of Burns Lake Small Business Accelerator Program is designed to help small business owners transition to mobile-first businesses that can thrive in today’s business climate and be set up for success in the long-term. We are proud to work our partners ability to build a program that provides both consultation and technical support to help make this happen.

Supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19

Customized business websites give a solid base to begin the program for all those that are approved.

Learning modules include lessons, quiz’s and group meetings and round tables.

Businesses work through each phase and have time to complete tasks and have feedback provided by a Professional as well as time to answer any questions before moving on to the next section.


Upon Completion of the The First Step Program

  • Business will have a mobile responsive custom website
  • Meet and Engage with other small business owners in the community
  • Have their business material complete (Business Card, Website)
  • Have a complete online Social Media Presence
  • Have their first marketing campaign ready to go
  • Know how to gauge their success and adjust as they need
  • Have the foundation needed to be successful online.
  • Be a member of the The First Step Program and have access to all learning modules and continues reinforcement tools to revert back to as needed.
  • Have monthly follow ups to support their success.

Our Partners

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